Lead Management Follow-Up

With TSP the buck doesn’t stop after the show ends.  To be sure our clients capitalize on the opportunities available through their trade show participation TSP offers systems that can document the visits to your booth and measure the results of your trade show participation. And the systems we create are integrated with your existing databases so the information can be merged after the show. The TSP Lead Management system has innovative services available that can help your organization:
  • Fulfill literature requests,
  • Provide timely and accurate information to your sales force,
  • Quantify results through geographic distribution, product service interest and detailed lead information,
  • Perform telemarketing, fax back and e-mail follow-up
  • Test the perception of the audience to identify the effectiveness of your strategies and retention for your messages after the show.
  • Conduct a sales conversion analysis to see how many of the trade show leads resulted in sales for your company.
  • Use the web and e-mail approaches to reach your audience before and after the show.
Before each show, TSP can help your company identify measurable objectives as well as perception and awareness goals.  Defining your goals and objectives allows TSP to recommend focused strategies to help your company understand the trade show's impact on the perception and knowledge of attendees as a result of their interaction in the exhibit.  These suggestions will also help you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and gather the information you need to get continued support for the trade show program.