Sales Executive

You are at the center of the action.  You are the one looking to get the most immediate value from each show.  You need a "take-away" that turns your precious time on the trade show floor into sales.  So how can TradeShows Plus! give you something you can pursue today or tomorrow?


If you are a sales executive that needs:

  • Better information about trade show attendees to facilitate follow-up strategies
  • Sales and staffer programs and training so you get the best results for your participation in events, trade shows and sponsorships
  • More qualified names for follow-up
  • Better aggregate data about trade show and event attendees to understand where you stand in relation to the competition, overall market trends and current needs of your customers and prospects
  • Better post show statistics so you understand if you are getting the most for your time investment in shows, events and sponsorships
  • A partner that understands the interpersonal sales environment and can effectively guide you toward successful solutions to help you accomplish your sales goals

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above TradeShows Plus! can help.  Collectively we have over 100 years of experience working in the interpersonal sales environment.  We understand it is critical that you get the most out of your time investment so you use trade shows, events and sponsorships to close more sales.