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Top_Chef_025_v1TSP’s trade show marketing program provides clients with a high level of accountability for their trade show program. Our services are goal oriented and designed to help our clients achieve the highest possible return on their investments. These marketing services include:


Program Planning


Target Audience Promotions

Booth Communications

Show Site Supervision

Measurement & Evaluation

  • Program Planning

This service takes a macro look at your trade show participation. The program approach helps you create economical, integrated plans for one or more conferences that addresses all the elements of the trade show environment, before, during and after the show. We make sure that all collateral and activities work together seamlessly so your message is consistently reinforced, your program provides relevant measurement of your trade show effectiveness and you achieve improved cooperation and support from your organization.

  • Publicity

Effective marketing starts here by publicizing your presence before, during and after each conference. In order to cut through the noise level and get onto the must see agenda of qualified attendees TSP offers several options including pre-show publicity such as preparation of direct mail campaigns and PR initiatives. Or if onsite publicity provides the best response TSP can prepare integrated advertising campaigns that include production of banners, billboards, registration bag stuffers, transit and kiosk ads and roomdrops at the appropriate hotels.

And TSP has taken a giant step into the future through publicity approaches that harness the power of the Internet including web advertising and distribution of e-mail or postal invitations including pre-show surveys to increase awareness of your customers' needs and your presence in each conference. Web site postings can be used before and after each show to increase recall for your program.

TradeShows Plus! capabilities include concept development, design, copy writing, and production of all tradeshow and event related literature including invitations, show site lead cards and exhibit programs, post-show thank you and follow-up literature, sell sheets, literature folders, custom packaging, etc.

  • Target Audience Promotions

When the situation calls for alternative ways to attract and inform attendees TSP has promotional ideas for all situations and budgets. Our promotions are designed to bring you face to face with the right attendees. Whether this is a large number of total visitors or a small percentage of the audience, TSP cuts through the noise level to attract customers and prospects to your exhibit.

In order to insure your promotional success, TSP uses a variety of pre-show publicity ideas including traditional mailers, e-mail invitations and the Internet to contact your audience. TSP also explores the advertising possibilities at show site to attract attendees that can not be reached prior to the show. In the exhibit, TSP uses everything from live presentations, inventive demonstration approaches, displays and visual merchandising, computer games, interactive programs, custom games (click on "Play Game" to play), contests, gift rewards and self-directed validation processes to educational activities to attract, inform and entertain your target audience. And after the show, TSP reinforces your presence with post-show publicity ideas that aid retention for your messages long after the show closes.

TSP can execute all the promotional elements from preparing the designs and specifying the activities to recommending and purchasing the gifts and prizes. And all of our target audience promotions are designed to not only get you face to face with your target audience but also provide accountability for your promotion investment.

  • Booth Communications, Graphics and Messaging

You can nail the messaging and design an attractive exhibit but if they can’t tell what you sell your success is in jeopardy. TSP recognizes the unique selling environment that exists on the show floor and helps customers think like effective retailers by defining and specifying the graphical delivery of the corporate products, services and message from every vantage point of the hall.

No matter where it is displayed, TradeShows Plus! can develop the messaging for your exhibit, define the correct hierarchy, write the copy prepare the designs and produce all the graphics and promotional signage necessary to assure that your message is communicated effectively to the target audience no matter where your prospect is in the hall or inside your exhibit.

  • Show site supervision, direction and reporting

Remember, plans don’t fail, execution fails! TradeShows Plus! can send show site supervisors/directors to your important conferences to oversee and supervise the execution of all promotional activities and presentations to insure your success. We can help your staff effectively implement the strategies and reinforce the messages at show site. In addition, our supervisors work with hired hosts, hostesses and talent to assure superior staff performance in the exhibit. TradeShows Plus! writes post-show reports, conducts surveys at show site and compiles the results to provide our clients with recommendations for improvement in their current program.

  • Measurement and Evaluation

When your company demands results, TSP can set up a specialized system to measure the impact of your participation. Whether you need to document visits or identify the sales impact of the shows, TSP can create a process that demonstrates tradeshow performance in a way that is meaningful to the management inside your organization. The systems we have developed will help you identify areas requiring improvement so your program can be an ongoing success. Our measurement and evaluation processes include:


- In-Booth Evaluation and Analysis

- In-Booth Surveys and Analysis

- Staff Perception Studies and Analysis

- Pre and Post-Show Surveys and Analysis

- Show Overview and Competitive Analysis

- Lead Management and Program Metrics

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Fulfill literature requests,

Provide timely and accurate information to your sales force,

Quantify results through geographic distribution, product service interest and detailed lead information,

Perform telemarketing, fax back and e-mail follow-up

Test the perception of the audience to identify the effectiveness of your strategies and retention for your messages after the show.

Conduct a sales conversion analysis to see how many of the trade show leads resulted in sales for your company.

Use the web and e-mail approaches to reach your audience before and after the show.