Services - Integrated Ideas

TSP has years of experience working with exhibit and exhibiting companies, show associations, show management and other individuals to create the best experience for our customers in the trade show and event environment.  To support the varied needs of exhibiting companies, TSP works with a number of outstanding resources to develop and execute additional integrated programs and services that insure ongoing success.

  • Consulting and Coaching Services

Companies with specialized tradeshow or event needs who are interested in an objective analysis of their programs and/or show managers and associations that need insight into the needs of their exhibitors can arrange for individual consulting and coaching services.  These services include everything from individual instructions on how to work within your organization for best results to ideas on how to help exhibitors at a specific conference perform more effectively through a focused and integrated trade show program.  Individual coaching and consulting services are highly flexible and can include elements of all the capabilities offered through TradeShows Plus!.  These services can do everything from help a meet their biggest challenges to achieve improved results to putting your tradeshow and event program on the fast track to enhanced performance.

  • Staff Communications, Staff Briefing Sessions and Coaching

In order to assure the effectiveness of your staffers, TSP offers a different approach to producing optimum performance. Most companies have problems the moment the dreaded task of " training” is suggested.  Nobody willingly chooses to be “trained”.  However, most staffers do not choose to be uninformed about the program and most quality staffers want to be prepared before they reach the exhibit to be effective in their interaction with attendees.

This highly customized program addresses the needs of the staff to understand all the components in the trade show program so they can be combat ready with a highly effective strategic attack as soon as the show opens.  This program harnesses the potential of the entire briefing session so it is a seamless approach from the introduction of the staff and review of the stations in the booth to the information presented about effective selling skills and behaviors.

The plan assures that all the contributors to the session work together to increase the staff’s awareness of the show environment, goals, strategies and tactics, products and services and how these can be used as effective communications tools in the exhibit.  This information is reinforced with appropriate written support including customized trade show strategic plans, slide copies and other promotional pieces that help communicate the corporate position so the staff has effective reference material after the briefing.

This approach enables companies to integrate training and educational components throughout the session so the reps are exposed to important staffing tips and techniques even if effective selling skills are not addressed directly.  The program produces enhanced results because the staff absorbs information in a sophisticated, supportive educational environment that recognizes their unique skills while it encourages their interaction and cooperation.

As an added aid to the staff, TSP will adapt the strategic plan, update this with important information about the products, services and messages in the exhibit so you can incorporate this into the communications that are sent to the staff in advance of the conference.  These communications can identify the needs of the show, the audience and the program so the staff is informed before they arrive at the at show site.



Fulfill literature requests,

Provide timely and accurate information to your sales force,

Quantify results through geographic distribution, product service interest and detailed lead information,

Perform telemarketing, fax back and e-mail follow-up

Test the perception of the audience to identify the effectiveness of your strategies and retention for your messages after the show.

Conduct a sales conversion analysis to see how many of the trade show leads resulted in sales for your company.

Use the web and e-mail approaches to reach your audience before and after the show.