Trade Show and Event Manager

Stressed out?  (If you’re not, consider yourself lucky!)

Management is slashing budgets, laying off support personnel, and asking you to service more shows.  And while you are at, please cost-justify your program.


If you are an event or trade show manager that:

  • Is out of bandwidth and needs adjunct strategic and/or logistical support to plan and execute pre, at and/or post show tactics
  • Needs an experienced hand or sounding board with relevant experience to review current plans and ideas
  • Is tired of doing SOS and wants more imaginative and creative approaches for the booth, events and sponsorships
  • Must improve and prove results and needs focused measurement and quantification programs that are easy to roll out over a number of conferences
  • Wants to gain the buy-in of management for the trade show/event program and better cooperation from the staff
  • Is tired of the lack of staff cooperation and needs a way to improve staff execution and results
  • Is interested in improving booth communications and in booth activities so attendees can tell what you sell and spend more time in the exhibit
  • Must differentiate the company from competitive offerings to attract more qualified attendees to the booth or event
  • Need a lead management solution to ensure the right information is collected and the staff is likely to use the method selected
  • Needs a practical way to follow-up and follow through on leads and measure results  to address the demands of the sales force for timely, quality information and management to quantify expenditures and identify ROI for participation

If you checked off "Yes!" to any or all of the above, TradeShows Plus! can help.  Whether your need is for phone consultation and program review or planning and implementation on all or parts of your program we have solutions to help you achieve successful results.


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