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Nancy Gamble


Nancy Gamble offers support to TSP clients through her exceptional organizational skills and ability to plan the implementation of a project from initiation to successful conclusion.  Nancy works with TSP clients to estimate, schedule and execute their exhibit programs, from before the show in directing designers and the production of trade show marketing programs to show site implementation of promotion and marketing vehicles.  Since so many plans fall short at show site, Nancy works with our clients to ensure that their programs are successful from setting up the promotions to directing the staff in effective execution of the strategies in the exhibit and around the show.

Nancy’s background in project management includes 7 years of field experience working with exhibit houses and their clients.  Her experience encompasses all functions from preparing proposals and sales presentations to assisting companies with implementation of their exhibit programs.  Nancy’s broad experience includes a year as an in-source and adjunct Exhibit Manager for Intel and directing the Iridium international exhibit program in all phases of exhibit and trade show marketing management.