Services - Temporary Staff

Sometimes the staff on hand may not be enough to fulfill all the needs of the exhibit.  When this occurs, TSP can hire and train support players that can be a welcome addition to your team. TradeShows Plus! has arrangements with top agencies to provide staff support for our clients around the world.  The hosts and hostesses are trained by TradeShows Plus! to effectively execute any activities where their help is needed from crowd gathering and organizing the presentation area, to manning the information desks and providing administrative support in the exhibit.  Multilingual personnel are available for international conferences and shows with a high percentage of multilingual attendees.


Audience and Trade Show Research


Prior to a conference, TradeShows Plus! can conduct research studies to identify the needs and preferences of a selected show audience or uncover important information about specific shows.   This is accomplished through Internet research, telemarketing surveys, interviews with show management, and observations from past performance in similar show environments.  The results of the research help our clients streamline their approaches and focus their message on the real needs of attendees and the show to produce an efficient and highly cost-effective tradeshow strategy and program.  In addition, TSP can help clients identify appropriate shows with demographics that match their target audience. This information can be used to create a focused trade show schedule that produces improved sales results for the organization.




If the promotion extends beyond the tradeshow floor, TradeShows Plus! has the best connections for event planning and execution.  We can work with your staff to provide outstanding strategic and creative ideas as well as produce activities ranging from hospitality suites and dinners to national sales meetings, product launches, symposia, and sponsored events.  Again, a dedicated team of event professionals works on our clients programs to produce memorable, high-impact results. In addition, TSP develops customized briefing sessions for the event environment to assure that the staff understands their role in effective execution of the activities.