Performance Measurement

Marketing - Measurement & Evaluation
When your company demands results, TSP can set up a specialized system to measure the impact of your participation.  Whether you need to document visits or identify the sales impact of the shows, TSP can create a process that demonstrates tradeshow performance in a way that is meaningful to the management inside your organization.  The systems we have developed will help you identify areas requiring improvement so your program can be an ongoing success.  Our measurement and evaluation processes include:
  • In-Booth Evaluation and Analysis
This service is designed to provide objective insight into the status of your current tradeshow program.  The evaluation is performed on-site at a tradeshow(s) of your choice.  Our marketing specialists will observe ten key components of your exhibit program including location, booth property and floorplan, attractions, creative approach, messaging, graphics, staff performance, lead collection and follow-up and allied advertising.  These observations are compiled into a report that assesses your success in accomplishing goals and objectives with recommendations to improve performance at future conferences.  The evaluation also weighs your company’s ability to compete effectively in the overall show environment especially when compared to your direct competition.  This report provides invaluable objective insight into the state of your program that can jump-start your success at subsequent conferences.
  • In-Booth Surveys and Analysis
Learn more about your target audience’s response to everything from your strategies, creative, live presentations and messages, to their impression of the staff.  This enables you to capture their perception at the time that it is freshest in their minds.  All exit surveys are customized to reflect the specialized needs of your tradeshow program, so the information you receive can be used to improve the results of your participation.  Click here for examples.
  • Staff Perception Studies and Analysis
Learn more from one of your most valuable assets, your staff.  A customized and objective third-party survey will help you understand their response to the strategies and tactics used before, during and after the show.  Using input from the survey, you will have an enhanced knowledge of how to win ongoing buy-ins and support for your program.  This will help your company create effective strategies that improve the ROI for your tradeshow participation.
  • Pre and Post-Show Surveys and Analysis
Another service from TSP that will increase the effectiveness of your tradeshow participation is the pre-show or post-show attendee Fax-Back or Telemarketing Survey.  Whether your need is to understand the concerns or desires of prospects prior to the show or discover the attendees’ response to your strategies in the booth, TSP can develop customized surveys that are compiled and fulfilled with no additional work for you.

This cost-effective measurement tool takes the guesswork out of planning your next tradeshow program.  Fax-Back or Telephone Surveys from TSP can help you fine-tune your ideas and focus your strategies on the customized needs of the audience, to produce the best programs for your company.
  • Show Overview and Competitive Analysis
Companies who are interested in an objective analysis of their programs and show-floor performance in comparison to the programs of their competition can arrange for a group competitive performance analysis.  This study will help put the in-booth evaluation into perspective of the 4-5 companies in the show that promote similar products and services and demonstrate where your program needs to go in order to improve your competitive position.

The same 10 components defined under in-booth evaluation are rated in each of the competitive exhibits.  Each element is scored on a scale from 1-5 from least to most effective.  These ratings are then compiled in a spreadsheet format that enables you to see how your company compared to competitive offerings in these 10 areas by looking at one page.  In addition, the review includes a differential analysis chart that provides a visual representation of your competitive position against those of your competition in the conference.  The spreadsheets are supported by a short individual analysis of each exhibit along with their ratings and average in the show.  The review includes several pages of recommendations on how to improve performance and maintain a competitive presence at subsequent shows.

The report also includes an overview of the entire conference.  The components observed include the educational environment, seminars, keynotes and other related activities.  In addition the report studies other notable exhibitors, trends, the show atmosphere, the attendee profile and popular advertising and promotion ideas utilized by other companies to attract attendees to their exhibits.  The overview demonstrates where your company fits in the overall conference environment.  It also provides outstanding reference to use when you prepare programs for future shows.
  • Lead Management and Program Metrics
With TSP the buck doesn’t stop after the show ends.  To be sure our clients capitalize on the opportunities available through their trade show participation TSP offers systems that can document the visits to your booth and measure the results of your trade show participation. And the systems we create are integrated with your existing databases so the information can be merged after the show. The TSP Lead Management system has innovative services available that can help your organization:

- Fulfill literature requests,
- Provide timely and accurate information to your sales force,
- Quantify results through geographic distribution, product service interest and detailed lead information,
- Perform telemarketing, fax back and e-mail follow-up
- Test the perception of the audience to identify the effectiveness of your strategies and retention for your messages after the show.
- Conduct a sales conversion analysis to see how many of the trade show leads resulted in sales for your company.
- Use the web and e-mail approaches to reach your audience before and after the show.

Before each show, TSP can help your company identify measurable objectives as well as perception and awareness goals.  Defining your goals and objectives allows TSP to recommend focused strategies to help your company understand the trade show's impact on the perception and knowledge of attendees as a result of their interaction in the exhibit.  These suggestions will also help you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and gather the information you need to get continued support for the trade show program.