Advertising/ Marketing/ Exhibit Agencies

Your have responsibility for your client's entire marketing program.  Your agency handles all the creative, production and media placement.  You're even doing their electronic marketing and helping with social networking.


But when it comes to trade shows, well, it may feel a little out of your comfort range.  (If you don't think face-to-face marketing at a trade show is an entirely different animal than a TV ad, think again!)  But you need to deliver a complete program.  Do you "fake it", or partner with a professional specialist?


On numerous occassions, TradeShows Plus! has worked with full-service agencies to deliver top-notch trade show marketing programs.  We can work using creative that is alrady in place, work along side you developing new creative, or use existing material to develop an entirely new look for the trade show program.  And in the end, you've delivered a top-notch program from end-to-end.  It's all up to you and your client.


We're not looking to expand our range of practice - we stick to what we know - trade show marketing.  So do what's right for your client.  Bring to bear the best talent to meet their needs and maintain your reputation - contact TradeShows Plus!