Show Organizer

Both your exibitors and your attendees demand measureable success from their attendance.  For their considerable investment in time, travel, and exhibit-associated costs they want to mix with the best.  TradeShows Plus! is well-positioned to help you enhance the value of your show to attendees thereby maximizing the opportunity for your exhibitors.

We can help you:

  • Provide pre-show exhibitor workshops aimed at turning your exhibitors into better marketers
  • Provide one-on-one consultation for key exhibitors
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities

Additionally, in conjunction with Competitive Edge, implement our proprietary "Exhibitor Effectiveness Evaluation", or E3 program, providing professional evaluation of the marketing efforts for all, or a subset, of your exhibitors.

Help your exhibitors become better marketers and they will realize greater benefit from participating in your shows.  And that drives them to continue - and increase - their participation.