What We Do


How We Do It

TradeShows Plus! provides customized marketing services to improve ROI in trade shows, events, sponsorships and other interactive environments.  We have the solutions to elevate your next trade show, event and/or sponsorship program or marketing campaign and sales promotion to the next level including:

  • Trade Show/Event/Sponsorship Consultation and Recommendations
  • Strategic/Creative Planning/Execution
  • Audience/Show Research
  • Advertising/Publicity/Promotion
  • Marketing Communications and Branding
  • Sales Promotion Programs
  • Educational Activities
  • Staff Preparation and Performance Solutions
  • Booth Communications and Graphics
  • On Site Staff Support
  • Lead Management & Deployment
  • Measurement and Quantification
  • Booth Evaluation and Competitive Analysis
  • Post Show and Ongoing Lead Follow-up
  • Small Exhibits – Big Results
  • Adjunct, Trade Show Marketing and Management Services

TradeShows Plus! can economically implement any or all aspects of your trade show, events, sponsorship or marketing programs.  All of our strategic and creative solutions are designed to help companies capture mindshare, improve retention, facilitate sales and measure results.  And with an average of 16 plus years of experience each member of our staff is able to quickly zero in on the demands of your company and market to deliver improved planning, implementation and response.

We invite you to browse our website, download information of interest and see how we have helped other companies with similar challenges.  Also feel free to contact us for an initial consultation to review your specialized situation and learn more about our solutions that support your needs, objectives and budgets.


How We Do It!

Once the plans are in place, TradeShows Plus! can help you in several ways.  First we can work with your agency, PR Firm or internal resources to implement the trade show recommendations.  Or if you prefer, TSP can help you execute all aspects of the tradeshow strategic and creative from designing collateral, games, and show site activities, handling pre-show staff communications and planning the briefing sessions for the reps, to staging TSP presentations and preparing post-show reports and follow-up.


TradeShows Plus! can economically implement all aspects of your tradeshow or event marketing program.