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TradeShows Plus! - Since 1996: Your Total Creative Marketing, Implementation and Management Resource for Trade Shows, Events, Sponsorships, Sales Promotion, Marketing Communications, Staff Performance, Measurement, Lead Management and Follow-up Programs.

TradeShows Plus! provides customized solutions to improve ROI in trade shows, events, sponsorships and other interactive environments. We are specialists… award winning… with a long successful track record of helping companies use these initiatives to achieve business objectives, optimize performance and improve ROI.

No matter WHO YOU ARE, TradeShows Plus! has proven trade show marketing, trade show consulting, event marketing and more solutions that are right for you!

"Build it and they will come" is no longer an effective strategy. It takes more than an attractive exhibit, fun event or logo on a banner or in a magazine to create a successful trade show, event, sponsorship or other sales and Marcom programs.  Exhibiting at trade shows, purchasing sponsorships and/or launching an event and more can and should produce a desirable return for the marketing investment. This approach is crucial to compete effectively in the market place, especially when your competitors are in the same place competing for the same customers.

To compete efficiently and ensure the success of your trade show, event, sponsorship, sales and marketing initiatives, TradeShows Plus understands it takes more than strategic and creative planning.  It also requires strategic implementation of the plans before, during, after and beyond.  After all Plans don’t Fail - Execution Fails!

TradeShows Plus not only delivers outstanding creative and strategic planning we also ensure exemplary execution through a staff with a combined 100 years of experience working with interactive environments.  We can and will plan and execute successful programs to address your specialized needs, accomplish your objectives and deliver an improved ROI for your participation and/or customized marketing/sales programs.